Students at Danbury high School are in the process of raising funds to put on their Unified Prom for non-mainstream students.

Over the past few years, my son has been involved with the Danbury High School Unified Basketball program. It's a league where mainstream and non-mainstream students get together and play competitive games. Needless to say, I'm very proud of him for being a part of such a program and helping those with special needs learn and have fun playing a unified sport, which now, between the Danbury Middle Schools and Danbury High School, makes up the largest unified program in the state.

Given the success of the sports program, two students at Danbury High School are taking this a step further, and are organizing Danbury High School's unified prom. It's the brain child of two seniors, Shivam Soni and Gabriella Cardoso, who have dedicated a majority of their last year at Danbury High School towards bridging the gap between mainstream and non-mainstream students.

At first, it seemed like an easy task -- hold a Prom for these special students and have it sponsored by local businesses. Neither student wanted to charge for tickets, and they were just looking to cover expenses for food and decorations.

Unfortunately, they ran into little or no luck with the local business community, which was a big disappointment, but the set back didn't stop them from realizing their dream.

They now have their own Go Fund Me page, and are hopefully on their way to raising the money they need to make this unified prom happen. They approximate that 80-100 mainstream and non-mainstream students will attend the prom. Here is how you can help these spectacular young people:

Your Go Fund Me support will not only make the night special for Danbury High students, but for the Danbury community as well.

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