Good news for parents of Catholic School students in Danbury. Looks like after many rumors and speculation, none of Danbury's Catholic Schools will have to close.

The announcement was made on Monday at St. Peters Church in Danbury by Bishop Frank Caggiano. According to, the decision comes after a year and a half study that took into consideration the under enrolled and financial struggles of the schools effected. In Danbury those schools are St. Gregory the Great, St. Peters, and St. Joseph's.

Yesterday's announcement was only pertaining to Catholic Schools in Danbury. Other announcements are planned this week about the fate of Catholic Schools in other towns, including Brookfield.

Even though the future of the Danbury Catholic Schools was saved for now, officials from the Diocese say they must boost their enrollment and improve their bottom line if they want to stay open long term.

Recent studies have shown that due to higher tuition and better quality public schools enrollment is down in recent years for all three of the schools. The rare exception in our area is Immaculate High School, which was not included in the most recent study, but did show a 24% increase in enrollment over the last four years.

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