In January, Roberto Alves made his intentions clear, he'd run for Mayor of Danbury as a Democrat. Alves was endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee in April.

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Last week, Republican Dean Esposito announced he'd run for Mayor of Danbury, in front of City Hall and with the endorsement of Mayor Joe Cavo.

With a ton at stake, nothing is too small to measure, including which candidate is the most Danbury. Dean Esposito referred to himself as "Danbury Dean" while making his City Hall announcement just over a week ago (May 18). Alves has an answer for that, he said in an interview, his city roots would not be outdone saying:

"Listen, I welcome Dean to the race, just like I said to another media outlet. Dean is a nice guy, a lot of people like him, I think we are going to come at this with different ideas and perspectives, we're both Danbury guys, I'm not going to be out Danbury'd, I'll put that right out there. 

Go ahead and put monikers and call people Danbury this, Danbury that, I've been in Danbury. I didn't have to move to run but I like Dean. I think he's a good guy, he's always been a super-respectful gentleman over the years when I've met him, never had much more than a conversation but again, welcome to the race.

I'd love to hear the ideas, if he's going to run on the perceived successes of the last administration or if we're gonna, you know just move forward?"

You can listen to the entire interview with Roberto by clicking the play button at the very top of this article.

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