Bail reform is being seriously considered now in New York State by Governor Andrew Cuomo, following New Jersey’s recent reform.

This is detailed in a proposal that considers eliminating the need for cash bail for people looking at possible non-violent felonies and misdemeanor charges, according to New York Law Journal.

Other states have also looked at eliminating bail policies. In fact, New Jersey actually did it last year, and New York's Governor Cuomo hopes New York will follow.

The problem is, after getting arrested, regardless of guilt or innocence, you may not have enough to fork over money for bail and be detained. You would miss work, you may not be able to care for children or elder family members. You could be incarcerated until trial, even if you're innocent. There was one case I learned of, where a 16-year-old spent three years on Riker's Island without even getting a trial.

I pray this never applies to me, and I never need to worry about bail money. There was this one time I was singing a little over enthusiastically at a karaoke happy hour. People wanted to lock me up, and I would have needed it. Seriously though, I do agree with these reforms, because I’ve heard too many horror stories about the lack of bail money keeping innocent people locked up for very long amounts of time.

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