When I sold my family home in Waterbury a few years ago, I always had that fear that my grandmother, or my mom and dad, had hidden away something valuable in the walls or floors of our 60+ year old house.

They were definitely from the "hide it under your mattress" generation that didn't trust that their money was safe in other people's hands. I came across a cool video and story today of this exact scenario that's played over in my head.

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According to an article on WFSB.com, Keith Wille, from Groton, CT, is a self-described treasure hunter who was hired by a family in Western Massachusetts to try to find a hidden stash of cash that they thought was hidden somewhere in their family home.

The family that hired Wille had tried to find the cash over the years, but were unsuccessful. Wille brought in his gear, and using an endoscope, found a metal box containing almost $50,000 in vintage US currency. He posted the video on his YouTube channel, and it's pretty cool to watch, check it out:

According to the article, there was $46,000 in vintage United States bills in the locked box, including Silver Certificates, and the bills looked to be in uncirculated condition, which makes them much more valuable than just face value.

The family hasn't decided on what to do with their newfound fortune, but I'd say that vintage US currency collectors are drooling over this find. Very cool stuff, and I kind of wish I knew about this guy three years ago.

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