A Bridgeport resident is having a good week after purchasing a winning lotto ticket from a Milford, CT business according to the Patch. Why would I classify this as just a "good week?" It's just a good week because they won $10,000. I figure after taxes they'll have $6,300 left, pay some back bills and be right back where they started.

Yeah, I found the negative in winning the lotto because $10,000 ain't what it used to be. For a lot of us, we owe that to someone or some business as we sit here right now and maybe more. Back in the day, you could pay your back bills and spend a week in Acapulco on 10 G's but those days are over.

So enjoy the week Bridgeport resident, soak up the deep breath you will no doubt take after climbing out from under someone's thumb. Now for my obligatory list of things I'd buy if I won the real lotto:

  • Truck - A BIG ONE, A NEW ONE
  • Muscle Cars (3) - Vintage Trans Am, Challenger (new), Charger (new)
  • A fresh, new pair of Nike sneakers for everyday of the year.
  • Purchase my rental home, remodel, add a second floor, put in a pool.
  • Buy my wife a fat ass ring to replace the modest one she has
  • Pay all my back bills.

I estimated what it would take to pull all of this off. The house paid in full, complete with renovations, the cars, the ring, sneakers and back bills. $1.9 Million. This is the amount of money that gets it all done. Now instead of winning the Lotto, I should just make it a career goal. I'll let you know how that goes.


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