If you’re sick of lugging huge boxes of toilet paper, or any of the wholesale bargain items that Costco is world famous for selling in Connecticut stores, you’re in luck. The big news is that Costco is starting to deliver right to customers from their warehouse stores.

The only problem is, it’ll cost you a little bit more. They’ve announced something new called CostcoGrocery, with help from "Instacart", an internet delivery service, according to SFGate.

There is no delivery charge for a two-day order of over $75, but a fee will be charged for any same day delivery, which the Today Show says may take just two hours.

There are other drawbacks besides the delivery fee. The price of delivered goods is more than 15 percent higher than the same product in the store.  Also, you can only get non-perishables through CostcoGrocery. The roll-out isn’t complete yet, and information regarding their exact delivery area is still to come, so fingers are crossed that we'll see it in our stores. We ask, is it worth it knowing that not everything’s available, and that prices are higher, and that you could be charged a delivery fee? I say yes.

Years ago, I used to go to Costco with my Grandfather. Costco was his favorite store of all time! It would get mad busy, especially on weekends, and I used to think to myself I’d pay anything to make these shopping trips easier. This works for me, but my Grandfather wouldn’t like it. He LOVED everything about the in store Costco shopping experience, even the crazy crowds.

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