Our state has become known to have a very high population of bears, increasing by about ten percent yearly, according to CT News JunkieThey look really cute in pictures and some viral videos, but they can be scary when they’re spotted among us here in Connecticut.

Yesterday, the state legislature’s Environment Committee struck down potential bear hunting legislation for Litchfield County. Some thought that bear hunting would be an effective way of controlling the rising bear population.

The proposal was backed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, but the Environment Committee voted against it 21-8. What seemed to sway the committee was expert testimony that didn’t support the legislation. Most advocating against the bill said that there were more humane methods of dealing with the bear population that will not harm them and at the same time, will keep the population of people and other animals safe.

Upon hearing this news Friends of Animals released the following statement:

Relieved that common sense and truth prevailed among legislators on the Environment Committee who shot the vile bear trophy hunting bill down.

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