This is one of the grossest things I’ve seen in a while. Just looking at this thing would have given me a heart attack before it would even have a chance to bite me. A woman in Branford, Connecticut came home with her groceries and a little something more, a black widow spider according to NBC Connecticut. She is giving a stern warning to others to check their fruit selections thoroughly before purchasing them. The venomous spider was embedded in the grapes she bought Monday at the Branford Stop & Shop grocery store.

She and her 11 year - old son encountered the insect while eating the grapes. No one got bitten, just weirded out a bit I would imagine.

NBC Connecticut stated that the Stop & Shop’s reaction was:

Stop & Shop and our grape growers take necessary measures to keep spiders out of the grapes that are sold. Despite that effort, it is possible for a spider to get into the bunches as they are a part of the natural, organic environment.

Their reaction makes sense to me. Stop & Shop offered the woman double her money back for the fruit. I guess it's one of those things that happens, it's just kinda scary!

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