Think back -- when's the last time you can remember going through the month of February and basically having no snow?

According to the National Weather Service, Connecticut has tied a record for the least amount of snow during the entire month of February, all 29 days this year.

You would have to go back to 2002 for the last time only a trace of snow was officially recorded in the state. It has happened before, but over the last forty years, the only other times it's happened was in 1998, 1984, 1982 and 1981.

There's a good reason for the lack of snow in the state. With an average temperature of 37.6 degrees, Connecticut also recorded the fifth warmest February on record.

Now we can't say we're totally out of the winter woods yet. March can sometimes be a very volatile month, especially since some of our biggest snowstorms in the northeast have occurred in late March. The silver lining in that snow cloud is that by that time, much warmer temperatures prevail, and any snow we get usually doesn't "stick" around all that long. And besides, Groundhog Phil did predict an early spring and he's the prognosticator of all prognosticators.

Look at some of these snow totals from cities and towns throughout the northeast for the month of February. It may be awhile until you see stats like this again:

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