Good to know, right?

If yesterdays non-storm event gave Connecticut anything, it gave state workers this declaration from on high.

Governor Malloy issued a press release yesterday at, and is using an executive order to remove the term non-essential when describing state employees. The order that classifies state workers has been modified by changing "essential" and "non-essential" employees to "Level One" and "Level Two" employees. These are terms used to group employees to either stay home or come to work during weather emergencies.

Let me tell you something about the broadcast industry. Those of us that are On-Air personalities are expected to be doing just that, being in the building and on-air, no matter what the conditions.

As I make the often treacherous drive from my home down near our state capital, the meaning of essential is abundantly clear. Though I'll be honest, when the email comes out telling others to stay home sung as a bug in a rug as it were, I often rethink my profession!

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