This world is loaded with people preparing for something. We have show preppers, meal preppers, doomsday preppers and the king of all prep, retirement preppers. While the subject can be daunting, new research shows Connecticut residents are way ahead of the game on a national scale.

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A new study from MarketWatch looked at private and government data to determine which states are most prepared for retirement and the Nutmeg State did pretty, pretty, pretty good. In fact we were #1 overall.

Top States for Retirement Savings

1 - Connecticut

2 - New Jersey

3 - New Hampshire

4 - Alaska

5 - Vermont

In fact, Connecticut residents have an average $545,764 which is 63% higher than the national average of $333,940. That is terrific for "us" if "us" includes me and I think I'm doing OK but you can bet I'll check three or four times before the end of business today.

I personally find the retirement dream to be a sad one. I'm not suggesting people should not prepare for it or look forward to it but if you zoom out, it is a bit depressing. We have all basically agreed that we can do what we want, only after decades of work.

We can settle back and enjoy ourselves when we are 70+ years old and not a minute sooner. Our whole society is set up for us to enjoy ourselves in our 20s and 70s and everything in between is back-breaking work and unreasonable stress. Sounds like a good time.

I know my wife and I share a retirement dream of traveling across the United States in an RV but what happens when we run out of USA? Then what? I feel like I might enjoy one of those senior living homes. I can return to my childhood and just be the one mouthing off in the back.

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