Pabst Blue Ribbon is upping their game with a new 180-pack of beer which goes for about $100. According to Taste of Country "Pabst Blue Ribbon is now selling a 180-pack of beer. Yes, you can walk into your local grocery store and walk out with a 180-pack of beer. A 180-pack of PBR is the equivalent of six 30-packs of beer, or 2,160 ounces."

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They say it is their 180th anniversary in 2024 so they decided to celebrate with an unusual amount of booze in one box. I wanted to know if this monstrosity was available in Danbury so I picked up the phone and made four phone calls to some of the Hat City's bigger liquor stores and spirit shops.

Unfortunately, all four stores said they did not have it in stock, a few of the people even laughed at the absurdity of the question. One of the employees had heard of it and seen it online. He suggested I check with Costco but I was done with the phone at that point so I did not bother. I could see where this was going.

It looks like the Hat City is taking a wait-and-see approach to selling a metric f--- ton of booze juice in one shot. Look, I don't particularly like PBR but I'd buy one of these alcohol cornerstones just so I could avoid having to go to the store every couple of weeks.

I smell a winner and I think it's a matter of time before Danbury is soaked in PBR suds.

T.O.C. says this is not the first time PBR has taken a big swing like this, stating:

"PBR has been known in the past for their wild promotions, so we can just add this to the list. They rolled out their 99-pack in 2019. The package instantly gained attention and led to massive exposure for a brand that does little to no national advertising."

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