Are you as sick of the same old toppings on your pizza? I am. I'm sad because one of my favorites, which I though was one of the most unique in Connecticut, is no more.

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El Presidente made his way down the Mass Pike and ate slices of pizza all across Connecticut last week, and as usual, he gave out scores of 7 & 8's for the most part . What does it take to stand out in 2024 for pizza in Connecticut? A thin crust? Hot oil? White clams? We do have a wide variety of styles when it comes to crust, but toppings? Not really.

Toppings are what makes each pie unique. I'm tired of meats and veggies on my pizza, if I don't have another pepperoni-lovers in my life, I think I'll live, unless it's pepperoni cups. Meat Lovers? Veggie lovers? Chicken Bacon Ranch? Philly Cheesesteak? I've run through the non-traditional toppings, and honestly, I'm bored with those too.


One pizza that blew me away was the Poutine Pizza at Bohemian Pizza and Tacos in Litchfield. It was a pizza topped with fried cheese curds, gravy, and French Fries. Oh man, it was good, but unfortunately, it's no longer on the menu at Bohemian.

So, I ask this of you, have you ever had a fried clam pizza? How about a steamed cheeseburger pizza? For all of the hype the state of Connecticut put into making us the Pizza Capital of the World over the past couple of months, where is the innovation with toppings? We've spent decades deciding on which crust is the best, maybe it's time to test the limits on toppings.

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