There is nothing quite as annoying as walking to your car and finding a flat tire but it's made exceedingly more frustrating when you realize someone intentionally slashed your tire. A thing like that might even make you feel concerned for your safety.

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According to a report from the Newtown Police Department that is exactly what happened to one of the town's residents on May 30th, 2024. The report says:

"On the overnight hours on 5/30/2024-5/31/2024 an unknown individual(s) slashed a tire and keyed a vehicle parked in the area of building #7 at the apartments at 9 Covered Bridge." 
Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward and reach out to the Newtown Police Department and refer to case #2400008003 or leave a message with investigating Officer McCarthy. You can reach them at (203) 426-5841.
I got a flat tire this past weekend, it was not a slashing but a full flat. I was actually excited because it allowed me to use my new compressor which I had handy in my trunk. I filled the tire up in 10 minutes and went home. Unfortunately, the tire was flat again when I got to the house.
I changed the tire but not before almost breaking the standard-issue, piece of garbage jack that came with my car. The car was in park and the E-brake was on so it wasn't going to do much damage except to my jack and my ego. But my wife was there supervising my work and she is of the belief that she caught the 2,000 pound vehicle and stopped it from rolling further forward.
I tried to explain to her that that just was not the case but she wouldn't hear any of it. So, I guess congratulations are in order to my bride for being a real-life superhero.
P.S. Thoughts and Prayers going out to the victim of the tire slashing, hope they catch your criminal.

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