I must confess that I am a French fry fanatic! Those delicately sliced thin pieces of potato dipped in fry oil and cooked to a golden brown are the bomb! (outdated '90s slang reference)  McDonald's fries are so amazing that I don't dare douse them with ketchup.

I'm also a huge fan of steak fries, which, according to sporked.com, are "a form of fried potato, but they are typically thicker and longer than your average fry." I tend to like steak fries because they are hearty and can take on a lot of ketchup or other condiments easily. I get all sorts of crap from Lou because he isn't a fan.

But that's not the reason I'm writing this article. This article is all about dressed-up French fries and which Connecticut restaurants cook up the best of the best. In all honesty, there are dozens of eateries throughout Connecticut that offer exceptional pommes frites and I've chosen six of the best.

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