If you happen to be in Fairfield County and see a drone hovering overhead, it just might be checking to see if you have coronavirus.

The Westport Police Department have begun testing a new sort of drone technology that's designed to be able to test people for coronavirus from the air.

According to dailyvoice.com, the department partnered with the drone company Draganfly, to begin testing software that, believe it or not, can identify coronavirus symptoms from up to 190 feet in the air.

They call it the pandemic drone and it's specially equipped with a sensor and computer vision system that can measure a persons body temperature to determine if that person has a fever, as well as checking heart, and respiratory rates from the air. It can even detect someone who may be sneezing and coughing in a crowd of people.

Westport Police say the drones will not be used in residential area's, like over someones yard, and it will not have any facial recognition features, they are just going to be used to make sure people are social distancing.

The overhead test's have been going on for the last few days, and the department plans on keeping the drones in full operation for as long as their needed.

Here's the official statement issued by the Westport Police on their Facebook page.

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