Cole Swindell has scored yet another hit with "Flatliner," and while he has fond memories of performing it live with his duet partner Dierks Bentley, there is one performance of the song he won't soon forget.

Swindell was on the road with Bentley for the duration of his What the Hell Tour, bringing the life of the party every time they united for the fiery "Flatliner."

"I know from the songwriters side and the artist side, any opportunity to play that song in front of a bunch of people is huge for you and we got to do that every night. It was just always a lot of fun," he says of performing the track night after night with his pal.

During a tour stop in Canada, a female fan jumped on stage during the song, and while Swindell tried to fend her off of Bentley as he sang his part of the duet, the woman hysterically managed to jump on Swindell's back, making for the quite the scene -- so much so that the photo ended up in the tour book. "The look on my face, it was priceless," Swindell reminisces.

"Flatliner" serves as the singer's seventh consecutive No. 1 hit, a rare feat for any artist. It follows his several other chart-topping singles including "You Should Be Here," "Middle of Memory," "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight" and more.

"When you dream of something, you don't think it's going to happen like this," he says of his success, with nearly all of his singles claiming the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts. "That comes from a lot of support. It's just a dream come true." 

Swindell's current single "Stay Downtown" is on country radio.


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