It's something you hear all the time, wear a mask. Now the CDC has updated their guidance on wearing masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

You may have already heard about the latest strategy on masks is to wear two masks when possible. This gives you even more protection against respitory droplets and can protect you up to 70%. There's also been the three mask theory being discussed. Apparently wearing three masks can protect you up to 90%.

Also one of the latest recommendations is to upgrade from a cloth mask to the blue surgical masks or the N95 mask.

The CDC has issued seven tips to make sure you have picked the right type of mask and ways to make sure your wearing your mask properly.

Here are the seven CDC tips that were just recently updated.

1- Make sure your mask has a nose wire. That will keep the mask fitting snug, and will help prevent your glasses from fogging up.

2- Use a mask fitter or brace. This can help prevent air from leaking around the edges.

3- Check that it fits properly. Believe it or not, making sure your mask fits snugly can make a big difference in protection and how effective it will be. 

4- Add layers of material when possible. If your using a cloth mask, use multiple layers of fabric, or wear a disposable mask under the cloth mask. If it's done properly, the outer mask will make it fit more snug thus pressing the edges of the inner mask against your face.

5- Knot and tuck ear loops of the 3 ply mask. Check out the video tutorial for some helpful tips.

6- Do Not combine two disposable masks. These masks are not designed to fit tightly, so doubling up will not offer you any added protection.

7- Do Not combine N95 masks with any other mask. The CDC recommends just wearing one N95 mask. Combining masks is not necessary for added protection.

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