A story that has kept the Plymouth/Terryville area in the Connecticut spotlight has finally come to a satisfying end today.

Everyone's favorite escapee, Buddy the Beefalo, has finally been captured today, and is on his way to an animal sanctuary after an 8 month long saga, dating back to August 2020.

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According to the Plymouth Police Department posted just a few moments ago, Buddy's capture was a seriously huge team effort, and a result of the community's efforts to keep him fed throughout the cold Connecticut Winter, and finally to the group of experts that finally caught him.

Plymouth Police
Plymouth Police

.After he's been brought up to speed medically, Buddy will then be on his way down to Florida (You say?) He's headed to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida, where he will hopefully spend the rest of his years thinking about that cool Connecticut fall and winter when he was able to roam free and give no F's about the chumps chasing him with the rope and tranquilizer gun.

The Plymouth Police Department then go on to thank everyone for their donations, and well wishes throughout this fun saga.

Good luck Buddy, you were a fun Beefalo to keep an eye on, I hope you are happy in the warm Florida sunshine.

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