With most thing in life, certain risks are assumed, and we all know that to be especially true when it comes to the roadways. Thankfully for us, we have the benefit of many world-class first responders who are prepared to "have our backs" by being ready and willing to assist with any serious situation that comes our way when it comes to traveling in vehicles.

That point has been proven once again in our local area, as firefighters and emergency healthcare personnel in Danbury faced an intense situation on Thursday (May 7) evening in the form of a head-on crash around a bend that is well-known for being a dangerous spot.

According to the Danbury Fire Department, multiple 911 calls flooded into the dispatch center just after 7:30 PM on Thursday to report a nasty crash in the area of 35 Lake Avenue Extension, which is that some-what blind bend just before the little plaza in which El Coyote, Grounds Donut House, and Stanziato's are located.

The reports says that when members of the Danbury Fire Department, the Danbury Police Department, and Danbury Hospital EMS arrived on the scene, it was apparent that what's been described as a small SUV collided head on with a pickup truck, causing the SUV to overturn onto its side.

With both vehicles luckily having been occupied by one person each, the driver of the pickup truck reportedly sustained minor injuries, but the driver of the rolled-over SUV found themselves trapped inside, unable to get out on their own.

Danbury's Bravest then used what's known as the Res-Q-Jack system to stabilize the SUV before bringing in multiple Jaws of Life systems to cut the crash victim free from a few different angles of the vehicle. Given the fact that the there was so much wreckage and that the occupant was so heavily entrapped, the DFD says it took around 20 minutes for them to be extracted.

Once removed from the wreckage, the unidentified victim was treated on the scene by EMS before being transported via ambulance to the trauma center at Danbury Hospital.

That area of Lake Avenue Extension has since been opened after having been shut down for over three hours while first responders and investigators were on the scene.

Currently, the crash is being investigated by the Danbury Police Department and as of this writing, there haven't been any details readily available regarding the cause of the collision or the medical condition of those involved.

This is a developing story and we'll keep you updated as more information rolls in.

Here are a few photos from the scene courtesy of the Danbury Fire Department:

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