I was getting my midday coffee at the Four Corners in Brookfield yesterday afternoon, and I noticed that there were CLOSED signs up on the doors of the Peachwave Self Serve Frozen Yogurt at 807 Federal Road. I pulled over and took the photo that you see above. The doors are still open at Urban Street Pizzaso I took a walk in and grabbed a slice and a Coke and asked the three guys working behind the counter when the closing had happened. "Last week" said one of the line cooks, "Yeah, last week, it's sad, lost a lot of business, everyone's home." said another worker. The Froyo machines have already been pulled, basically that whole Peachwave side of the building has been completely emptied out and taped off for safety at this point.

Photo by Large "Rich Farms Rules" Dave
Photo by Large "Rich Farms Rules" Dave

I really never understood the recent resurgence of frozen yogurt. Froyo arrived with a splash in the late 80's/early 90's, disappeared for a couple of decades, and then in 2017-18, they started reappearing again. This particular location at the Four Corners has only been there a year or two? The incredible Rich Farms Ice Cream shop opening up basically directly across the street, and in plain sight of the Brookfield Peachwave when they knocked down the old Subway/Mother Earth building, didn't help. It was obviously the final nail in the coffin for this location. There are still a couple of area Peachwave locations: 213 Greenwood Ave in Bethel, and in Danbury at 39 Mill Plain Road.

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