I'll bet if you dropped anything into Candlewood Lake, you would think it would be gone forever.

Well, think again. The Brookfield Police Department released a statement saying that on September 4, 2018, their Dive Team retrieved three Apple watches from Candlewood Lake near "Chicken Rock".

I would think that they would be nothing more than paperweights after sitting at the bottom of the lake but Brookfield Police say that they are not only in working condition, one has already been reunited one with the wrist that loved it so. The second watch is passing the time at headquarters counting the hours until it can tally steps again. The third still thinks it's a dive watch and the police, in collaboration with Apple, are still interrogating the shaken-up smart watch trying to find its rightful owner.

According to Apple.com, AppleCare+ covers such types of accidents where your Apple Watch decides to take a bath. Good to know. However, I think I'll leave mine on its charging dock the next time I'm on the lake. I don't think I could handle thinking that it might be swimming with the fishes. I'd be up at night worrying about it too much. (Not even close to joking).

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