The Fortnite craze is definitely getting out of hand, now a College in Ohio is offering Fortnite scholarships to skilled Fortnite players to play on their varsity Esports team.

If you were listening to our Morning Show Wednesday (May 9), then you know your son or daughter could get up to $4000 in scholarship money at Ashland University in Ohio. According to, the University is looking to build up their Esports program, so their putting their money where their mouth is and offering a cash incentive to students who meet their academic and competitive requirements.

The schools Esports team competes with over 63 other Colleges and University's that have regular varsity Esports teams, however Ashland University is the first to offer scholarship money for Fortnite players.

We got a call from Donna in New Milford who found out from her 14 year old about the scholarship. Now she says "When I yell at him to get off the game, he replies, I'm studying for college!"

That got us to thinking, aside from video games, what are our kids good at doing, so we put up this question on our Facebook page:

Finish this sentence...."If my kid could get a degree in (Blank), they would get a full ride!"

Here are some of the funny responses we got:

By the way, I Majored in sleeping when I was a teenager, graduated with honors, now I'm still working on my

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