When I was a baby DJ, I had the overnight shift at a small radio station in Pleasantville, NY. My pal John was a police officer and also worked the overnight shift in the same town. At around 4:00am, he would get tea at the local coffee shop and stop by the radio station.  After many nightly chats, I said to him, "it seems like you guys aren't really that busy," and he replied, "Linda, I'm a cop in Pleasantville."

'Nuff said! And guess what? Safewise.com reports that Pleasantville, NY is still one of America's Safest Towns. They have just released their list of 2018's 100 Safest Cities in America. The report is based on FBI statistics on crime. As safe as it is to live it seems that Pleasantville can't hold a candle to another Westchester County, NY town.

The Top 100 has a pretty good representation from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. However, the crowned champion, the one above all the others, the safest town in America is:



Congrats to the little town to the left of Ridgefield, CT. For the complete list, click here.

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