I've been keeping my eye on a business in the East End of my hometown of Waterbury, since the doors officially opened last Summer. Brass City Raceway is located at 130 Scott Road, right behind the Waterbury East Center shopping plaza and Loehmann Blasius.

It's a really big indoor facility that has all-electric go karts, an arcade, batting cages, and as of the last couple of weeks, an axe throwing range. Axe throwing seems to be all the rage lately, Ethan Carey wrote a blog the other day about the phenomenon, and how it seems to be taking the country by storm

I'm kind of intrigued by this, not that I could do anything about it right now, I'm currently recovering from right rotator cuff surgery. But back in glorious 80's when I was known as Medium/Teen Dave, you would find me in the woods next to my house on Oronoke Road throwing Chinese stars that I bought at East/West in the Naugatuck Valley Mall.

If you haven't seen the facility, there are a few videos posted on YouTube check this one out

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