I am seriously bummed about Austin Rogers being narrowly defeated almost immediately in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions by contestant Alan Lin.

My thought is that we have not seen the last of him. I plan to make a pilgrimage to the watering hole where he tends bar in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

Meantime, what’s he doing with his over $400,000 in winnings?  He bought a new iPhone for $1,000, according to LoHud. He’s also mentioned that he would love to buy a home in his old stomping grounds of pound ridge, but that it would take much more than his winnings to do that.

What else has he been doing with the money lately? According to the NY Post, he’s keeping his low-key lifestyle and said:

I am hiring someone to clean my freaking apartment.


Besides that, he’d really like to host TV travel documentaries and wants to:

...Buy a series of weird, obscure cars: 1940s Jeeps, ’90s Hondas, Land Rovers from the 1960s.


His brother in Beacon, NY would be entrusted with those. While currently residing in Spanish Harlem, he’s saving for the day he can retire in Manhattan where he wants to be:

The old guy with the cane yelling at the bodega guy.

You gotta love it!

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