Ridgefield, an upscale town that already has an array of fine restaurants, can expect an all-new type of eatery in 2020.

According to the Patch, Raffaele Gallo, the owner of one of the finest restaurants in Ridgefield, Gallo Ristorante, has been spreading the word about his new project, a new downtown eatery featuring local, fresh food with an American flair. of Ridgefield, CT FB Page

You may be wondering what "American Flair" actually means? According to collinsdictionary.com, flair is defined as "having a natural ability to do something in an original, interesting, and stylish way.

Ridgefield, CT
Main St. Ridgefield, CT - Screen Shot

Gallo, along with the expertise and passion of his Executive Chef, Giuseppe Castellano, are promising a new casual, upbeat American-style restaurant that will feature regular live entertainment, a tempting unique menu, along with a late-night place to gather in the heart of downtown Ridgefield.

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