If you’re looking for love songs, a new summer hit, or a song about drinking, Thomas Rhett's latest studio album Center Point Road is for you. Here are 5 categories to help organize each song and help you find what you’re looking for:

Nostalgia - “Center Point Road,” “That Old Truck,” and “Remember You Young.”
This album was focused on nostalgia. The lead single, “Center Point Road,” is all about the road that connected Thomas Rhett to all his first and most influential memories. “That Old Truck” and “Remember You Young” also focus on the past, talking about all his friendships, relationships, and mistakes he has made that shaped him to who he is now.

Love -  “Look What God Gave Her”, “Notice”
Thomas Rhett has always made heart-throbbing love songs on each of his albums, and this one was no different. “Look What God Gave Her” and “Notice” are both about his wife, Lauren Akins. “Look What God Gave Her” is more focused on Lauren herself and how perfect she is for Thomas Rhett. “Notice” takes a different turn and talks about how Thomas Rhett still notices all the little things Lauren does such as “blushing when she drinks wine” and “brushing the hair out of her green eyes”’ even after 6 years of marriage.

Sacrifice -  “Things You Do For Love”, “Dream You Never Had”
Lauren Akins has been relatively vocal that she is not one to be in the spotlight, and never imagined a life with her husband always on the road. The songs “Things You Do For Love” and “Dream You Never Had” focus in on the sacrifice the two have had to make for their love, their careers and passions. Rather if its Thomas Rhett staying home with the kids while Lauren goes on her trips to Uganda, or Lauren attending a concert she doesn’t like just to see Thomas Rhett smile, these songs give you hope on how to make a relationship work when trying to follow two different career paths.

Uplifting -  “Up”, “Almost”
This category is new to Thomas Rhett, and focus more on growth and helps you pass by the questions of “What If”. Both songs focus on the lows you have and how without them, you would not be as successful and who you are to this day. These songs will put your spirits back in order and put you back on track to your goals.

Summer Classics -  “Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time”, “VHS”, “Don’t Stop Driving”, “Barefoot”
The album was released on May 31, 2019 so it was more than necessary to have summer hits for all the BBQs and beach days. These songs might be influenced by one of Thomas Rhett’s muses Bruno Mars, as they are more of an upbeat get-up-and-dance tune.

Drinking -  “Sand”, “Beer Can’t Fix”
Lastly, no country album has been complete without a song about drinking and beer, especially Thomas Rhett albums. “Sand” is another beach-trip hit that will make you want to have a cold one in your hand. “Beer Can’t Fix” is a collaboration with John Pardi about how if anything and everything goes wrong, there's no situation that a beer to your lips can't fix.

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