When you go out to eat, or get some takeout, you want to know that the place you're going is clean and the food is stored and prepared properly. That's why the city of Danbury does monthly health inspections to ensure things are being done right.

In December, nine of Danbury's commercial kitchens fell short of a passing grade.

Now when a business is cited and fails it's inspection, it doesn't mean you shouldn't eat there. Most of the time, the citations are for minor things, and the owners have 24 hours to correct the violations.

According to newstimes.com, 42 locations were inspected during the month of December, and 33 had minor infractions but passed their inspection.

The nine places in Danbury that failed the December inspection include three restaurants, two hotels, and a bakery. Here's the complete list:

  • Basilico Restaurant - 5 Padanarum Rd., Danbury
  • Hotel Zero Degrees - 15 Milestone Rd., Danbury
  • La Costenita Restaurant - 4 Division St., Danbury
  • Lou’s Deli & Salads - 39 B Mill Plain Rd., Danbury
  • Padaminas NY Bakery - 25 Newtown Road, Danbury
  • Planeta Brazil Bar & Grill - 48 Newtown Rd., Danbury
  • Portuguese Cultural Center - 65 Sandpit Rd., Danbury
  • Residence Inn by Marriott - 22 Segar St., Danbury
  • Stanziato’s Wood Fired Pizza - 35 Lake Ave. Ext., Danbury

Danbury Health Inspectors have already done a follow up inspection, and all 9 of those that failed in December have corrected the violations and have since passed their inspections.

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