Now that the Connecticut Legislature is once again in session for the first time this year, the NewsTimes reports that there are a number of bills that have been proposed and will need to be voted on to turn them into laws. Bills like the legalization of marijuana, public health insurance options and LGBT human services, to banning the use of plastic bags and straws are all on the table. That's all great stuff that should be at least entertained.

There are also some other proposals that unfortunately aren't getting as much attention at all, because they're just plain weird. Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger when it comes to our politicians and local government, here are five real bills that your State Representatives in Hartford are actually proposing:

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    Change Connecticut Time Zone To Atlantic Time

    This one took a lot of thought. If passed, Connecticut would be on a different time zone than even New York, making a trip from Danbury to Brewster an adventure. Can someone please tell me what time it is?

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    Buying Lottery Tickets Using a Credit or Debit Card

    Perfect for someone with a gambling problem. Now you can lose as much as your credit limit will allow. At least with cash, when you're out, you're out.

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    Banning The Sale Of Shark Fins

    This is not good for two reasons. How would you see the shark in the water without its fin? Plus, do you know how hard it is to get real shark fins these days? Too many knock offs on the streets.

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    Banning The Theft of Used Cooking Oil

    When you're in need of some used cooking oil, you need used cooking oil. So who are we to cast the first stone against someone who just lifted some from the dumpster behind the fast food restaurant? It was just going to go to waste anyway.

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    'Eliminate' Climate Change Materials From The Next Generation of Science Standards

    There has been a raging debate about climate change for quite a while now. So, I guess the thinking here is that if we don't know about it, and don't educate anyone about it, then it doesn't exist. Keep them in the dark, they won't question it then.