Ashley Scalia is only 11-years-old and is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Ashley's mom, Katie Scalia told the Hartford Courant that Ashley and her 9-year-old sister, Hailey came to her and asked:

What can we do to make other kids feel good? It's about getting kids to collect and help others.

From that conversation, 11-year-old Ashley made the decision to start up, Cans for a Cause in October 2017 and since then has raised $13,700. 15 kids from across the state are now dedicated team members who go door to door in their neighborhoods to visit donors who have promised to leave their refundable cans and bottles outside their home for pickup.

Team members are compensated for their work and all of the coordination is handled via the computer. Eventually Ashley and her mom, Katie would like to get kids in other states involved so the money that's raised can be distributed to a number of different charities.

Photo Credit - Cans for a Cause FB Page
Photo Credit - Cans for a Cause FB Page

Donations from Cans for a Cause have gone to Kids Care, Presents for Puerto Rico, Backpacks for Foster Care Kids, and Forgotten Felines. If you would like to to be a part of Cans for a Cause either as a team member or a donor, contact Katie Scalia at

Message to Ashley: For all that you, your sister Hailey, your mom, Katie and all of your team members do to help the people you touch through your dedication and hard work, all of us here at KICKS 105.5 salute you! You should be very proud!

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