We've all said it before, Greater Danbury can really use some more businesses to spice up the area.

We asked our listeners what businesses they think should come to Greater Danbury, and I couldn't agree more with some answers. I also noticed a few things, we really love breakfast, convenience, and fun.

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I've compiled a list of some businesses I think our area can really use. I'd love to hear more of your suggestions.

Businesses That Greater Danbury Needs

As businesses have come and gone in Greater Danbury, I think its safe to say we are really passionate on which businesses SHOULD be making their way to our area. While thinking about it, I decided to compile a list.

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Local Places That Are Now Hiring In Greater Danbury

Vacant Brookfield Properties Give Me the Creeps

Brookfield Connecticut is a beautiful New England town with picturesque landscapes and architecture. It does have one section of road that is about a mile long, that time has forgotten. When the highway got extended, the life started to drain from this portion of Federal Road and COVID-19 put the finishing touches on any business that was hanging on for dear life. There are supposed to be people in these places, that's why they were made. The absence of humanity in these spaces makes them tragic and chilling.

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