A New York City Casino is being sued for $43 million over a slot machine which they say was malfunctioning as it displayed a jackpot prize of $43 million, according to CNN.Com

Katrina Bookman was playing the “Sphinx Slot Machine” at Resorts World Casino in Queens. The machine indicated she won the multi-million dollar jackpot on the screen, but when it came to claiming the cash, the casino objected and said the machine "malfunctioned". The casino then offered her a complimentary steak dinner and $2.25. I’m sure somehow that steak didn’t taste so good, so now Katrina has lawyered up and is suing for the approximate amount of the jackpot.

According to New York’s ABC 7, The casino asserts that there’s a notice on each slot machine, which states malfunctions void any play or pay. But it really seems unfair that they can claim a malfunction when it’s convenient.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 10.37.38 AM
Credit: Youtube User NewslinQ

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