The upcoming film titled Twelve is being shot in various Hudson Valley locations is looking to cast local extras between the ages 10 to 13.

According to the Hudson Valley Post, the major motion picture, Twelve will be casting extras in Brewster this Sunday, June 25 from 4 PM to 6 PM at Mt. Scolpino Park in Brewster. Specifically, the casting crew needs 100 youth baseball players of all skill levels, shapes and sizes, and ethnicities. Don't forget to bring along your bat and glove.

You never know, this could be your kick-start into a budding movie or TV career. OK, probably not, but it sure could be a bunch of fun.

Other auditions will take place in different Hudson Valley locations near the end of July and early August. Check back with us for audition updates. The producers will also be casting friends and family members of the players. All extras chosen will be working for free BUT, food and drink will be available.

All you need to do is fill out this form and mail it off to and forward the email to the film's line producer by June 24 at the very latest.

Mt. Scolpino Baseball Park in Brewster - Google Instant Street
Mt. Scolpino Baseball Park in Brewster - Google Instant Street



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