The 162-year-old building has been home to numerous businesses over the years.

If we were to ask you to picture the perfect "smalltown U.S.A.", what's the first town in the Hudson Valley you think of? For many, Rhinebeck is a picture-perfect small town and is one of the more popular towns in Dutchess County to spend a day walking around.

A stroll around Rhinebeck has something for everyone, there are restaurants, antiques, candy stores, art galleries, and much more, but there is one building that I think has been home to more businesses than any other building in the Hudson Valley.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Starr Institute

The Starr Institute building located at 6417 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, was built back in 1860, and as you can guess, after 160+ years, it has had many occupants. How many? So many occupants that according to the Rhinebeck community Facebook group, the list keeps growing and growing...LOL!

Someone in the Facebook group asked a simple question, "Forgot what used to be at the Starr institute?" That question led to 100+ comments with a variety of different things that have once called the Starr Instuite building home.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Businesses and More That Have Called the Starr Institute Home

From what we have learned so far from the comment section on Facebook, the building itself has been home to a library and many restaurants and bars over the years, including the popular Montgomery Street in the 80s. It's been a karate studio and dance studio and one comment on Facebook said, "I remember the hospital thrift store was there in the basement". Another comment mentioned that the building also once had a pool and a bowling alley.

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Starr Instsuite is Available Now!

Now that you've finished reading about all of the businesses that occupied the Starr Building above, is anyone thinking, "maybe my business could work in the building"? Yes? We have good news, the Starr Buiding is now available to lease. According to ARYEO the 2-level, 2000+ square foot building would be a perfect fit for retail/restaurant or any other business that's looking for a high foot traffic location in Rhinebeck. Take a look at the full listing here.

Did we miss anything?

Do you remember any of the businesses that once called the Starr Instusiute home? Let us know through the Wolf Country app.

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