Need to tire your kids (or yourself) out this summer? I found the perfect thing to do just that. Nothing brings you back and makes you feel like a kid quite like jumping around in a bounce house. Although now, we may hurt our back or pull a muscle, but hey it's all in good fun.

I was scrolling through my social media feed when I saw something that caught my eye. The world's largest bounce house is coming to Connecticut this summer. It covers over 24,000 square feet and is 32 feet tall. There are so many different parts involving the bounce house. You have basketball hoops, climbing towers, slides, oversized couches and chairs, and so much more.

What's great about this is there are multiple different sessions for different age groups. You have a toddler session for ages 3 and younger, a junior session for kids 7 and younger, a bigger kids session for 15 and younger and then an adults only session that is 16 and older.

Each ticket includes 3 hours of unlimited fun and the price varies for specific age groups. The adult only session costs $45 per ticket and my favorite part of the session rules: "everyone MUST behave like an overgrown child."

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Honestly, this looks like a bunch of fun. There are 5 different "sections" of the bounce houses that you're able to play in as well. I feel like this is a kids dream come true. Maybe even an adult dream come true if you get to tire your kid out for 3 hours.

Here's what to expect:

The event is coming to Hartford and is taking place August 3 through August 11 at Pratt & Whitney Stadium. For all information on the event, you can visit their website here.

This is honestly the perfect way to tire your kids out this summer. If you end up going, let us know! Send us pics through our mobile app.

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