By now, if you have read my posts about the Great American Eclipse of 2017, you know that I sort of made my son and myself a bit nervous about this event. I didn't mean to, I was just being cautious.

I am proud to say that my cousin, Julie Barbagallo from Briarcliff Manor, New York, has brought redemtion to our family.

Let me explain: As I was leaving the radio station to view the eclipse with my son who works in a pizzeria, one of our radio engineers was in the parking lot making his own solar viewing aparatas. He called out to me, "Hey Linda, look at this! I'm trying to watch the eclipse!" and there he was with this cardboard box that he had punched holes into. Not very stylish but I guess it was going to do the job. I don't know, I had to get to my kid.

I considered making my own type of eclipse watching device from all the DIY posts I had seen, but I ran out of time.

Well, I wish I had talked to my cousin. She had the best idea I have ever seen. While I freaked myself and my son out, Julie has brought pride to our family for generations to come. Genius!

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