Yesterday, I told you about a kitty with special needs who is looking for a foster home to live out her last year or so.

I have another kitty for you.

Coco is a 5 month old male kitten with a genetic liver abnormality. They don't know why, but his liver did not develop normally.  With no cure for his condition, Coco was put on a special diet, medication, and supplements. The hope was to just keep him comfortable and happy for whatever short time he had left.

That was 2 months ago. Coco, who was not expected to improve, has been "doing amazing!"  He is gaining weight, playing like a kitten, he's adorably affectionate, and so happy! I spoke with Sofia Rocha, Operations Manager of the SPCA in Briarcliff Manor, NY where Coco lives.  She told me that they "are looking for a forever foster home that will love him, feed him his special diet, give medications, and bring him in for rechecks every several months." The SPCA will supply food, medication, and testing/rechecks. She said that Coco's life expectancy is unknown but because he has responded to medication, his prognosis is much more positive.

Are you the person who will give Coco the love and respect that he deserves. Or, maybe you know someone who could open their heart and their home to this beautiful kitten? For more info on Coco, you can email Sofia Rocha at the SPCA:

Please share this post. Maybe we can find that amazing person who could give Coco the home and love that he deserves.

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