That's Jack Sparrow in the picture above. He is just one of the many that I fell in love with recently at Wells Valley Cat Sanctuary in New Milford, CT. As the resident “Lady of Cat”, I am almost embarrassed to tell you that I did not know that this place existed. Have I been living under a furball?

The video above is our road trip to Wells Valley Cat Sanctuary. It begins with my Oliver who we adopted last year at the age of 14. I am sharing my rescue story because, if you have ever felt that adopting an older cat is not a good idea, please read Ollie's story.

He was living under a bed in an unfinished basement in Middlebury, CT. His owner, who adored him, had passed away. He was scared, skittish and quite sick. His entire back was matted and probably worst of all, he was not neutered! He was being fed, but that's about it.

I called my good friend and Veterinarian, Dr. James McNamara, of Bethel Veterinary Hospital, in tears. I asked him to please help me help him. Two weeks later, Ollie was neutered, vaccinated and had groomed himself so beautifully that his coat was glistening. But, it was certainly a learning curve for all of us. One night, shortly after we rescued him, I got a little over zealous trying to get close to him. He swatted me right on my nose and drew blood. Hey, it was my fault, and I knew it. The warnings of "back off" had been pretty clear. However, those warnings were overshadowed by my growing attachment for him. I got what I deserved.

We took our time with him. We figured the best thing to do was to let him come to us when he was ready. Now, it's hard to believe that he is the same cat. Believe me when I tell you that even though he lives like a kitty king, he has given us more joy than we could ever give him. I fall asleep every night to his purrs, and wake up every morning to the same. Oh, and the swatting is a thing in the distant past. Now, he follows me everywhere, and bumps me constantly.

One more note, during Ollie's physical just last week, Dr. McNamara asked me, "Are you sure he's 15?" I said, "I wish I could say he's younger but we're sure." He said, "Well, don't worry, he's in great shape. He'll live to 25."

There are so many reasons why an older cat is a great idea. First of all, their purrsonalities are already established so you already know who your kitty is. Secondly, an older cat really needs you. Kittens are easier to adopt out while an older cat may spend their whole life at a shelter. The good feeling you get from adopting an older cat will come back to you tenfold, as it did for us with our beautiful Oliver.

Now you know my story. You can make your own. There are so many wonderful, beautiful and amazing cats at Wells Valley Cat Sanctuary in New Milford. We took care of the introductions for you. Check out our video, and come with us as we explore something that is so deep in my heart. Cats, cats and even more cats!

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