It's autism awareness month. I can tell you that I have not needed anything to make me aware of it for the past 20 years. My family lives with autism every. Single. Day.

I was blessed with two handsome boys. My older son has always been my comic relief. We share a warped sense of humor and a stubbornness. My younger son is sweet and so very kind, and he has autism. It's been quite a ride, I have to admit. Does it get easier? In some ways, yes. In other ways, and since I'm a natural born optimist, I like to say that life becomes a series of  challenges that keeps you on your toes.

There are a lot of things that I have learned along the way. Things like patience, which I didn't have a lot of when I was younger. I'm not talking about patience for my son. That is something that comes very easily. It's the patience for the Special Ed departments, doctors, counselors, the agencies who you think will help you, until you find out that it was just another battle waiting to happen. We've had amazing teachers and consultants along the way. But we've also had our share of just the opposite.

My reason for writing this is because I came across something from that I would like to share with anyone whose life has gone in a similar direction as ours. This short video begins with a saying that is very similar to something that I have said so many times over the last 20 years. It's what caught my eye initially because I thought, "wow! Those are MY words!" I have always said that my son "has taught me so much more than I could ever teach him," and this little video continues with note after note of what we've gone through, stuff we've learned and things we would love to share with anyone whose life has gone in a similar direction.

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