Well, it seems that our bobcat is showing just how happy he is to be in a cage. It's wonderful to see him getting feisty and tearing up his hospital cage because that means he is getting better every day.

If you have been keeping up with this story, then you know that Thor, the bobcat, was hit by a car straight on to his face. His injuries were almost as incredible as his rescue. Upper and lower jaws, shoulder blade and eye socket were all broken and it is still uncertain if they can save his eye. The wonderful thing is that he is getting better, which makes his dangerous capture (to both him and his rescuers) worth it.

While he is still healing, and his prognosis does look good, this is not always the case. In fact, another bobcat was taken in shortly after Thor and nicknamed, Poseidon. As Big Cat Rescue was cautiously optimistic about Thor's slow progress, Poseidon was a different matter. X-rays were negative, but he was covered in mange which is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites, and can be contagious to humans. He had also been badly attacked by another animal, and he had a BB lodged under his skin, which meant he had been shot. He was severely dehydrated among other issues.

Initially, Poseidon was not responding to treatments. But one night, he made a turn for the better. The staff was thrilled when they saw that he managed to eat 3 ounces of food. However, that little victory was not to be celebrated for all that long. Poseidon passed away a few hours later.

I'm sure that you can imagine the heartache. When you put your heart and soul into another living being and it just doesn't work, it is devastating. At Big Cat Rescue, this is a way of life. There are some that thrive and some that, despite most heroic efforts, will succumb to their injuries or illness.

Linda G's wildcat cam
Linda G's wildcat cam. I'm not crazy, this serval was sedated and about to have surgery.

I am in awe of their work, and yes, just a little bit envious. The closest I got to working with a wild cat was when I worked as a Veterinary Technician at a cat-only animal hospital. One day, we received a frantic call from someone who kept a serval as a pet. This big cat liked to eat tennis balls, which is not a good thing. It became lodged in her digestive tract, and she needed surgery to remove it.

This is a video posted 2 days ago. As you can see, Thor is not only grooming himself, a great sign, but he is tearing up the place. More on Thor in the days to come. In fact, Thor may become even more famous. He has an appointment with a dental specialist on Monday, March 14, hoping to save his broken canine, and may be the first cat in history to have a titanium tooth. Stay tuned!

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