The identity of this year's Rockefeller Tree has been veiled in secrecy, but the cat may be out of the bag.

In what looks like an attempt to avoid crowds during the pandemic, Rockefeller Center has opted to keep this year's giant Christmas tree a secret. In years past, the world's most famous tree has been cut down in front of TV cameras and large crowds of cheering people.

Last year's tree was donated by Carol Schultze in Florida, NY.  The tree, which started its life as an indoor tree in1958 grew into an enormous Norway Spruce, drawing the attention of Rockefeller Center. In 2015 another local tree was selected from the yard of Albert Asendorf and Nancy Puchalski in Gardiner.

This year, it looks as though the Hudson Valley may have been passed over for the 2020 Rockefeller tree, but a local tree service appears to be in on a secret mission to cut it down.

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Google Maps

The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce shared an article from that seems to uncover a stealth operation to harvest this year's Rockefeller Christmas Tree from a front yard in Oneonta. The report claims that the tree is being cut down in the yard of a local business owner who goes by the name of “Daddy Al” Dick. Crews have been seen at the home on State Highway 23 prepping the tree since Monday.

It appears that a Hudson Valley landscaping company is leading the mission. The article says Lynn Warren Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping in Newburgh is on the scene with trucks and equipment. Employees have been seen climbing the tree and prepping it to be wrapped and cut down before making the journey to Rockefeller Center.

This year, it seems that all parties involved in the Christmas tree-cutting have been sworn to secrecy. Recently, Mayor DeBlasio announced that the tree would be lit in Rockefeller Center and the Times Square ball will drop on New Year's Eve, but urged residents to stay home and enjoy the annual traditions on TV.

The Hudson Valley's Rockefeller Christmas Trees

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