It's one of the most important election days of our time, and there's only one person I know who's capable of telling it like it is, and that's Judge Jeanine Pirro from Fox News.

She's the host of "Justice with Judge Jeanine" on the Fox News Channel, and on Monday she joined Mr. Morning/Bill Trotta for a look at the 2020 election as only Judge Jeanine can.

She's no stranger to the local area. She grew up in Elmira, New York. She was elected as the first female District Attorney of Westchester County in 1993, and was also the first woman to sit on the Westchester County Court bench.

Now, you can catch her Saturday nights at 9 PM on the Fox News Channel, and her new book is called "Don't Lie To Me, and Stop Trying To Steal Our Freedom". I got a chance to talk to her just prior to election day to get her thoughts on the 2020 race.

So first, tell me about the new book Judge Jeanine.

"The book is the third in a trilogy of books that I have written, and when I got to this book, I said 'I've had it, stop lying to me'. I'm fed up with the lies, I'm fed up with Democrat's telling me what I should and shouldn't do, what I can and cannot do. It started when Donald Trump got elected with the Russia collusion nonsense, and they haven't stopped lying since then. The more Donald Trump got things done, the more they hated him, and hated everything about him. America has watched as I have, it just goes on and on."

With all that's been going on, and a lot of what you talked about so far, and what's in the book, how do we recover as a country from all this, and is journalism as we know it dead and buried?

"Journalism is officially dead, and I think big tech put their finger on the scab a little too soon by blocking the information regarding Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and the millions that they were making from foreign governments. In the end, America will come together because I think the people that are committing this ciaos and anarchy are few, and Donald Trump is very clear to those who are predicting that there's going to be violence on election night, that he's going to put an end to it. I interviewed him a few weeks ago, and he said no, we're not going to let it happen."

We've seen all these pre election day polls coming out, and everyone knows they are skewed to a degree. You look at a Trump rally versus a Biden rally and there's no contest where the enthusiasm is, it doesn't seem like the polls pick up on this, do you agree?

"Ha, gee, kind of like the mainstream media, not really picking up on news anymore. Look, everything is about a compliance press, a compliant media. These polls have not been honest in the past, and they're not honest now. To be truthful with you, I absolutely believe that the thinking is that there are a lot of Americans who aren't willing to say who they are voting for. If they didn't say four years ago, you're darn right they are not saying it now."

I'd like to hear your prediction for the election, not what candidate is going to win, but I want to know how long do you think it's going to take before we actually can say we know who's going to win this presidential race, or any race for that matter?

"That's a great question, and my crystal ball, well I lost it somewhere along the way, but there's a part of me that wants to believe if we can get the big states out, and the Electoral College done early, you might even know who the winner is on Tuesday night. If we can't get all the results in, you can count on a hissy fit from the left to drag this out in the courts for as long as they can because they are just disruptors. They are not who the American people are, the American people are not disruptors, the American people respect the law, and we'll wait for however long it takes because I believe we are going to win."

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