It's the 10th annual 'Election Connection' broadcast happening tonight with all the local election results presented by students of Western Connecticut State University.

This is not 'fake news', this is the real deal, and if you're looking for live and local coverage of the races happening throughout Greater Danbury, and the state of Connecticut, as well as insight on some of the important issues facing all of us here in Connecticut, then check out the live stream from 8 PM until Midnight tonight on the WCSU Studio Election Connection YouTube portal, or you can catch it on the WCSU website at, on the WCSU Election Connection Facebook page, as well as on WXCI 91.7 FM.

You can also check out the results on Twitter @ElectionCT, and on Instagram at #electionCT.

The entire broadcast is run exclusively by students. They anchor the coverage, they have student reporters in the field at some of the pivotal campaign headquarters, they  run the cameras and sound, everything that you see and hear is their responsibility. It's a great opportunity for students to get hands on experience in the media field, and for all of us to stay connected with what's happening locally in the races you won't hear about from the mainstream media.

New this year, will be a post election show on November 17 from 7 until 9 PM on all the same platforms.

Here's a look at last years 'Election Connection' broadcast.

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