Yippee-Ki-Yay LEGO Masters, we have a local finalist in the hit Fox LEGO TV show.

We first introduced you to Jessica Ewud of Redding back in February when we first learned she would be competing on the Fox TV show LEGO Masters. Now we're here to tell you that both she and her LEGO Masters partner, Samuel Hatmaker, will go head to head against two other teams on tonight's (Wednesday, April 15) edition of the show, and will be vying for the title of LEGO Master Builder.

On the show she goes by the name of Raczy X, but she's no newcomer to Lego's, in fact some of her work has already been on display at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

An artist who turned to LEGO'S to take her art work to the next level and propel her as an artist, she still has a hard time comprehending how popular some of her Lego work has become.

She recently told Fox 61 News how surprised and shocked she was when her first gallery show in Greenwich sold out. It was also the show that brought her work to the attention of 'LEGO Masters', where they contacted her, and asked her to compete.

Now after ten weeks of competition, Jessica and her partner are one win away from not only getting the LEGO Masters title, but picking up $100,000 in prize money.

According to newstimes.com, it hasn't been an easy run to the finals, there's been plenty of reality show drama for Jessica and Sam. The duo has also been at risk to be eliminated four times, and have only placed near the top of the pack against the other competitors twice.

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