If you haven't watched any of the latest social media craze "Don't Rush Challenge" videos, you should. They're cool videos of magical transformation moments that are being created by everyday, average people who just happen to be legit makeup artists.

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According to Teen Vogue, the Don't Rush Challenge was created by a couple of bored college students, who filmed themselves going from casual, no-makeup looks, to heavy-makeup clubbing glam. Think of it as a human-faced Extreme Home Makeover.

My wife works for a mass retailer in the beauty industry here in Connecticut, and she started receiving these videos from her colleagues last week. This one is from the staff at Ulta in Waterbury

I applaud these artists for allowing their 'Before' images to be put out into the world. That's one thing that I'm still having trouble with in this age of video conferencing and working remotely, do I show my bedhead? Or no?

The next video that my wife showed me was from the Ulta Beauty in Wethersfield, CT. This crew is really skilled at their transformations.

And yet another Ulta store jumped in the fray - Hamden posted their own video the other day too -

Have you and your friends done this challenge? Let's see your video!

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