Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a crack down on violators at New York concert venues this summer. Law enforcement will focus on underage drinking. A press release from Governor Cuomo’s office said that over the summer investigators from the DMV, and the State Liquor Authority, with State Park Police, as well as local law enforcement are cracking down on underage drinking and the use of fake IDs at concerts all over the state.

The effort is being called 'Operation Prevent Campaign'. Authorities will be present at venues throughout the state including (Hunter Mountain), as well as ampitheatres and all kinds of other outdoor venues.

So far, nearly 80 arrests have been made in recent weeks, with fake IDs being confiscated appearing to be from 9 different states in addition to Canada. Underage drinking with false identification in public can result in arrest and up to 90 days in jail.

Governor Cumomo stated:

I encourage anyone considering to purchase alcoholic drinks with a fake ID to think twice, as New York's law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on illegal activities across the state.

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