There's is just no question that when you gotta go, you gotta go. There appears to be an issue brewing in Connecticut.

Let's be frank. For me, since my commute can be well over an hour, I never drink coffee before I get in the vehicle, nor do I bring one with me. Sure I can get off the highway if need be, but who wants to add more time to the already annoying drive. But what happens if you can't pull over at all?

The issue for transit drivers never crossed my mind, but it appears the struggle is real. In a story from numerous CT Transit bus operators, are speaking out about what they claim is a real problem of not available or sufficient enough bathrooms for the drivers on all bus routes. They have spoken up with the support of their union, and the union reps claim that they too have brought the issue to the attention of CT Transit but feel not enough has yet been done to help the drivers.

CT Transit bus operator Mike Wendus told

Oh you're panicking. You have nowhere to go; absolutely nowhere to go

Staci Davis, a CT Transit bus operator added:

It's fast-paced. You have to stay on time

As did CT Transit bus operator Breanna Hartfield

Honestly, I personally feel like there's not any access for us to use the bathrooms. There needs to be a change

NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters submitted a dozen questions to Cole Pouliot, General Manager of CT Transit and you can read them at where Pouliot also provided this statement:

The comfort of our operators is obviously a primary concern for CT Transit, and to be clear – we would never deny a request for a driver to take a restroom break. With that being said, the general policy is that operators take restroom breaks at layovers, utilizing restroom locations which have been predetermined and approved by CT Transit. Additionally, operators can use other restrooms along the route at any time if necessary by contacting a dispatcher

I certainly can imagine preferring adult diapers to the alternative. But hopefully everyone involved comes to a better conclusion than that.

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