About a month ago, Daryl's House in Pawling had announced they were closing temporarily, but they are hosting live stream concerts, and tonight, Yorktown's Jessica Lynn takes the stage.

It's been very tough for artists who rely on performing live since the COVID-19 outbreak. Jessica Lynn is no exception, she's technically been out of work since everything closed down back in March, but she's not just sitting home waiting for things to get back to normal. "I've been doing live streams every single week by myself at my house", Jessica told us, "we're like, it's time to get the whole band together and do something cool, so I'm so excited to be doing this at Daryl's House, it's one of my favorite venues".

Not only will Jessica be playing some of her most popular songs during the live stream, she'll also be debuting her new song, "Love Me That Way", which she credits the pandemic as giving her more time to promote it. "I always look at the positive side of things, and the opportunity has been incredible. We were able to have my new single featured on Billboard, and CMT, things that probably would not have happened if we were out on tour".

You can catch Jeesica Lynn's live stream concert tonight starting at 8PM live from Daryl's House. There will be no audience, and Jessica says that's the toughest part about doing this type of show. "You're just so exposed and out there, it's kind of terrifying thinking about that, there's no noise to cover up any imperfections that may arise", Jessica told us, "the good thing is that when you're live streaming, everyone is in one place, and it really makes you think about your journey".

You can experience Jessica's journey when you check out the free live stream either on her Facebook page, or on the Daryl's House Facebook page. The stream starts tonight at 8PM on both pages.

Even though it is a free live stream, there is a place on the Daryl's House website where you can make a suggested donation to benefit Daryl's House, and help them get through these tough times, so they can re-open once things get back to normal.

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